Maker's Playground

With digital literature, the virtual line between maker and consumer gets a bit squiggly. Interactivity rules are the rules. Works like Rui Torres's kinetic poem "Poemas no meio do caminho" and locative narratives such as The Silent History by Eli Horowitz, Kevin Moffett, Matthew Derby, and Russell Quinn invite and incorporate user input into the always-refreshing work. In this spirit, and especially in the spirit of works like Nick Montfort's Taroko Gorge, where makers are encouraged to reuse and recycle code to produce their own digital literature, gl-ph has built a Maker's Playground, where we make a work of digital literature available for download, reconfiguration, deformation and reupload. Enjoy!

Issue 00 - either/or

For issue 00, we've chosen to feature either/or by Brandon Dcruz. This piece deals with opposites and commonalities, with interchangeability and interactivity. We encourage you to view the original piece below, and to create your own in one of the following ways.

Add your own lexia

Follow the link below to add your own lexia into each part of the piece. Separate your entries with commas, then see what you've produced!

Download the code

If you'd rather deal directly with the code, download it here and play around! Mix it up and modify, and make something awesome.

Send it back to us!

We'd love to see or host your creations! If you modify this piece and make it your own, please send it back to us at We're exicted to see what you make!


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