Issue 00

After many years in the making, we are so, so pleased to release Issue (Issue, I suppose a remediated word in itself. Volume? Still tethered to the history of print. Episode?) 00 of gl-ph. Here, you'll see four (five?) stellar works, both from undergraduates at RIT and from luminaries such as Nick Montfort. We chose these four, because, despite important and wide aesthetic differences, they each carry a certain urgency. Each, through application, design, and content, expresses the necessity of multiple significations, of recording what is (forcibly) lost, digging through archive and noise.

We're also offering our first submission in our Maker's Space, Brandon Dcruz's "Either/Or." We encourage you to download his code, make your own "Either/Or," and send it back to us!

Any language act cannot possibly express the tremendous amount of work and thought by the gl-ph staff, who volunteered this academic year to make gl-ph a virtual reality. Special thanks to Christine McCullough, our Managing Editor, whose multiple brilliances and organizational acumen spills through the issue, and to Lisa Hermsen, who, through the Caroline Werner Gannett Fund, provided server housing for Issue 00.

Many thanks, too, to our awesome staff of students:
  Chris Lydic
  Elijah Kliot
  Greg Goh
  Leo Holman
  Madeleine Baum
  Regina Bass
  Samuel Kilgus
  Tyler Hanf
  Van Pham

Funding and support for gl-ph comes from RIT's College of Liberal Arts, the Department of English, Digital Humanities & Social Sciences, and the Caroline Werner Gannett Fund.

Editor's Note:
This first issue of gl-ph has been a long time coming and is the result of lots of hard work, deep thought, and creative fun. I am excited to share what we've created and highlight the digital literature pieces we've selected. I am also very, very grateful for a wonderful team who are enthusiastic, creative, and integral to the life of this journal. Being a part of gl-ph from concept to creation has been a wonderful experience, and I hope interacting with these pieces sparks the same excitement and interest in digital literature that I feel today. Enjoy!

Christine McCullough
Managing Editor

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from Characters
Steve Harvey and Matt
Communication in the Presence of Noise